Love Yourself….Really!

Hi friends!

Lately I have been seeing the phrases #loveyourself and #treatyourself like they are interchangeable. However, I really don’t think they are.

Don’t get me wrong, treating yourself is nice. Sometimes we have those cravings or wants we can’t shake and it feels so good when we finally get them. But that shouldn’t happen all the time or that often. We should refer to this as #treatyourself. A treat is a uncommon occurrence, not a norm.

Do we even know what #loveyourself means? I guess it could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but hear me out.

I have noticed when people want to do something that may not be the best thing to do, they justify it by saying #loveyourself. I have seen many instances where that is buying something you can’t afford, shying away from responsibilities and maybe doing something that will negatively impact your health.

If you buy that expensive thing but then are strained financially, is that really loving yourself? If you decide to #loveyourself and take the night off binging Netflix instead of studying for that pass/fail exam and indeed end up failing the course, is that loving yourself? If you are trying to lose weight and need to be healthier but you eat the cake because it feels good, is that loving yourself?

My point is I think as a society we need to use the phrase #loveyourself in a more obvious way. When you say #loveyourself, go do something that shows you actually loving and taking care of yourself.

Get a massage to relieve some stress, drink a fruit smoothie to get your needed nutrients, put on a face mask to help out your skin. If you’re sad and want to eat cake and ice cream? Maybe go to the gym and #loveyourself.

Loving yourself should not hurt or hinder the future you. We need to live sustainable lives and the very meaning of sustainability is meeting your current needs without compromising the future.

So friends, I encourage you to go out and actually #loveyourself.

xoxo, Syd


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