Welcome to Sydneyland

Hi friends!

I just wanted to give a few personal updates.

As most of you noticed, I have rebranded my blog from Syd and the City over to Sydneyland! I loved the name Syd and the City. It was a play off the show Sex and the City which is such a classic show that I love. However, I wasn’t the only Syd and the City blog out there.

I wanted to have something completely original and mine that nobody else had. I also fell in love with the idea of Sydneyland because it is “the land of Sydney” where all of my thoughts, adventures, struggles and stories will come together.

I am approaching Sydneyland differently than I approached Syd and the City. I became really obsessed with the numbers, logistics and stats. It wasn’t healthy. I was more worried about numbers than providing content I loved and felt proud of.

My goal with Sydneyland is to be more open and authentic, and a little more laid back. I am so bad about putting large amounts of pressure on myself when I shouldn’t. Then I become really overwhelmed and don’t want to do it anymore. I want to give blogging a huge effort and make it into a successful part of my life, but do it in a positive and healthy way.

While I want to see my blog grow and be successful, for right now my focus is to be authentic and the right people who love what I say and post will follow along.

Stay true to yourself ladies + gents!

xoxo, Syd

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