PCOS: A Journey

I had a life changing realization that came to me while shopping at Costco with the Hubby.

I finally realized after a really stressful 9 months of struggling with myself, this is not a race. It is not a sprint, it is a journey.

Everyone has their own journey.

My journey is learning how to live my best life with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

I refer to this as a journey because it isn’t a short or temporary struggle. It is life long, although I can work hard to minimize it. I have to learn how to make it better, minimize the symptoms and work towards a healthier future for myself.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in July. Garett was deployed and I was really scared. I had been having health issues for a while and while it was relieving to finally know what was wrong, being diagnosed was a different type of fear.

I knew something was wrong when I gained a lot of weight over the course of just a few months. It all happened so fast and I didn’t realize how much my body had actually changed.

So little is known about PCOS. How to treat it, what causes it and the effects of it aren’t well known so I wasn’t sure where to start learning.

I started going off what made me feel best. I quickly learned that carbs, sugar and starch definitely didn’t do that.

My weight is my biggest struggle. PCOS makes losing weight really hard and really slow. When I was started on Metformin, I thought it would fix my weight really quick. This is not the case, though.

Nine months ago I told myself in 6 months, I would be down x amount of weight. I told myself I would finally be happy with how I looked. However, I didn’t lose that amount of weight. Not even close.

Here I am, 9 months after being diagnosed and I am down a whopping 14 lbs.

At first I was so incredibly discouraged. However, I am down 14 lbs! It didn’t happen quickly. It wasn’t easy. Am I less proud of myself because I only lost 14 lbs? No! I am super proud because I have lost 14 lbs!

Back to where I started, I was at Costco when I finally realized that this is not a race. I am not trying to get there as quick as possible, and I am not going to fix this quick. Instead, I am taking time and effort to learn how to manage my PCOS and make the healthiest decisions I can.

I cut out soda and all cereals in January. For anyone who has known me for very long knows that I could eat cereal for every meal and Sprite is life. But its not my life anymore and I actually haven’t missed either of them since I cut them out.

Garett and I go on long daily walks together with our pup, I hit the gym when I can and if I have to eat carbs I eat them in the morning.

I stopped looking at the scale every day because that scale can’t tell me how good I feel that day or how great my sugar levels are. Sometimes I simply look at the scale and say “you don’t know me.” 

Every day I am making healthier choices in my life and overall I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

The weight isn’t coming off quick like I wished it would, but that is okay. Every day I am learning more and more to trust the process and continue to try and live the best life I can. I am also learning to truly love myself, and I have never experienced a feeling better than self love.

So when you see that girl from high school and think “wow, she got fat,” instead, maybe just be relieved you’re not on her journey and wish her well. It’s truly not hard to see people for more than what size clothes they wear.

I know that I am so much more than the number I see on the scale and you should too if you’re also struggling with your weight.

We are all on a journey and with hard work and determination we will eventually reach our long awaited and dreamed of destination.

Right now I am focused on living my best life and being the healthiest me that I can, everything else will come with time and patience.

Keep on keepin’ on ladies & gents!

xoxo, Syd


  1. katiegbyrd

    I love this and you! Proud of you and your journey and want you to know that your blogs literally amaze me every time I read them! I always get a laugh, a nugget of wisdom, or a simple encouragement from them! Thank you for writing Syd, you’re awesome! 🙂


  2. warriorbutterfly85

    Encouraging words and well done with your weight loss. I also struggle with this battle with weight loss and infertility due to pcos. Good luck with your journey. Also what I found helped is take a measurement as sometimes it will show you are losing cm rather than weight.


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